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A lost pug was stuffed by a household employee in the CDMX: if he went to the nurse

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Through social media, a video is circulating of a woman who is reported by a Pug breed victim in the Polanco area of ​​Mexico Cityor. If it’s about Paula “N“, a young girl from approximately 25 years of age, who dedicates himself to domestic work.

This was Paula’s modus operandi

Through the news @c4jimenez of the journalist Carlos Jiménez en Twitter, published a video showing the worker at the house walking to the edge of the trufa name. The youngster worked for more than a month in a department of Polanco de la alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo cleaning the house of his patrones.

Joven climbs the building with Trufa Photo: @c4jimenez

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Luego de ganarse the confianza de Odilia-her patron-, they decided to leave her alone in her department so that she could salt and work with a sufficient reason that she approved PaulaNo“to get up there loss of two years of black education.

In the images of the video, you can see Paula climbing out of the building where her patroness lived when she arrived in Trufa as she was her mother. When the empress complained, the young man said that she felt bad, which was why he took her away, without warning or saying any note that he would return, with her, because the action was classified as something.

Paula “N” came to Trufa Photo: @c4jimenez

Paula “N” talks to her patrons by saying that she is a nurse

The robots in the city of Mexico are in the order of the day and on this occasion, Paula “N”, a young girl who came to work since last August, had the ingenuity to rob one of her patrons, who also, has Engaged to their patrons indicating that they have a carpool in the infirmary.

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At the moment there is no record of it other than a video in the hall of the building, hoping that the authorities will have the relevant investigations to give with the young people who steal a Scam.

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