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A little girl ends with an amputated leg after being atrophied a day before her birthday

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She was only five years old, but the little girl who was injured when she was hit by a motorcyclist was forced to live with an inability to live. Her mother, from room number 332 of the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital, provides economic assistance to people who know the story.

They happened on the 1st day of winter, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was a day before the birthday of January. The two of them celebrated in the house of a family member when the father of her younger sister decided to go up with her to the streets of the Bayona sector. That was why the leader of the unit carried out the coup.

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How did the accident occur in which the minor lost his foot?

The injuries that the father experienced, he informed his wife, Mrs. Bety Arias, were various fractures in the beloved, a deep wound in the eye that in some cases caused her loss. Also, you are instructed to place different points on the stone and on the body. The motorcyclist is hospitalized.

The worst part was taken off the small one, instead of enjoying their birthdays on the 2nd of January, just to go through a surgery between which they amputated the back. Her mother notes that her decision made the doctors take her into consideration that the conditions of her extremity were impossible to cure.

Piden helps for the menor of edad. PHOTO: @Sin24Horas

La menor requiere different studies

According to Señora Arias, people’s help is vital in these moments, because only they face the uncertainty of not having recursos for clinical analyses. In the clinic she decided to take medication to a lesser extent due to the fact that she is taking various medications to control her illness.

The girl, indicates, the only one who can do it is suffer the pain of the injury and also wonder about the possibility of returning to walking or recovering the lost extreme.

The chofer was also injured for these reasons. PHOTO: Archive / Illustrative.

How to help the child of the Dominican Republic?

For this reason, ask for the help of the people who are interested in the case, for those who use the telephones of your parents 829-592-7587 and 829-883-1864.

To make the call, it is necessary to use the following dialing: On fixed telephone: 00 + 1 + 809 ó 829 ó 849+ you are telephone digits or on mobile: 00 + 1 + 809 ó 829 ó 849+ you are telephone digits.

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