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A fan of serial asesinos, she studied with her teacher out of “curiosity”; she will spend her whole life in prison

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A student of South Korea, identified as Jung Yoo-jung, was sentenced to perpetual cadencethe place where I confessed that mató up professor por “curiosity“. According to the authorities, the 23-year-old youth was obsessed with criminal novels and crime programs serial asesinos which are broadcast on television and other streaming services.

Following the investigations of the policy, in May of this year the student contracted with an English teacher through an online application and the quote in her home to best keep lessons of the language. However, when the teacher came to live, the young girl attacked her with a cuchillo and the asesino to puñaladas.

A taxi driver discovered her by hiding the remains of the victim and accused her before the police. Photo: special.

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What if you know about the case?

The investigators revealed that the young girl, who lived only with her boyfriend, spent months planning the murder and had been searching for victims for months through an application to take classes with professors private. In his story in the application, the authorities found that Jung Yoo-jung wrote about it to more than 50 people, of whom the majority were women; the murderer pretended to be a mother of the family and told her to read lessons at home for her children.

Finally, a 26-year-old English teacher agreed to reunite with Jung Yoo-jung, believing that he would give her classes to her younger children. However, when you bring her to the house, she will attack her there apuñaló on more than 100 occasions, and even the following time when you died. The young girl was arrested when a taxi driver picked her up by dropping bags of blood in a local forest.

The young man is looking for his victims in online applications. Photo: special.

What happened in the judiciary?

During his trial, Jung admitted the crime to achieve a shorter sentence. In the same way, her abogados tried to appeal to the court, ensuring that she student There were mental problems, which could not be proven. In conversations with therapists, they – where various trials – determined that the aggressor had high levels of psychopathy, so the court did not have any considerations in her sentence.

Finally, the young man tried to justify his actions by alleging that his interest in coming asesinate It originated where I put on various shows dedicated to him serial asesinos most famous in the world. However, none of these arguments were valid during the trial and were perpetually sentenced, although the Tax Court demanded the death penalty for the student, since in South Korea this measure is legal, although no execution has been carried out since then 1997.

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