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A death, the balance of the volcadura of a truck during the first hours of shipping

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During the first minutes of navigation, a man died on board his vehicle in the municipality of La Estrella, in Antioquia, Colombia. After reading the first versions, the victim would have lost control of it.

The victim was 45 years old and had no time to reveal his identity to the local communication media, so it was also reported that the driver died shortly after the fact.

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The truck was destroyed

In the photographs of them you can see the truck where the driver was traveling with severe damage, above all on the front side of the unit. From the position, one can also perceive that the chofer must have suffered various blows that may have caused the accident.

There they brought bombers from the locality, they tried to toast the first assistants to the man, but they couldn’t do anything to save their lives. The accident occurred approximately at 4:10 am.

Llevarán on body to the forensic to know what happens

After allowing the experts to carry out the analysis tasks, the emergency teams freed the body of the culprit until a necropsy was carried out on the remains.

This will allow you to know the conditions in which the man was leaving, as well as the exact cause of his death. Subsequently he will be joined by his family members to toast them the welcome to his mortal remains.

The vehicle was retired by the Colombian authorities. PHOTO: Redes sociales

Once these jobs were finished, the bombers and the local police pulled up to the retreat of the vehicle, which could be analyzed to determine whether this was the result of a decomposition.

Navidad is one of the people with the most traffic accidents

According to the Red Cross, traffic accidents are characterized by reporting car accidents for different factors, for this reason year after year solicit the people to maintain a prudent speed when driving, not to lower the effects of narcotics or even avoid handling cansados.

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