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A dead man appears in the heart of a construction work in the Cuauhtémoc

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A hombre without life he was encountered inside one obra de construction located in the alcaldía Cuauhtémoc During the first hours of this November 30th, there was a personal bomber and rescue team to begin with the first investigations.

The construction work area is located there Calle Río Atoyac of the Cuauhtémoc colony, where the man of approximately 35 years from edad it was in the room sotano 12 steps below the ground where it was reported by rescue personnel.

The body of the man was found inside the body. Photo: Foro TV

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Why did the man die inside the construction work?

The body of the man was removed from the area to begin with the investigation to determine the cause of death of the person under the construction work that continues in black work.

At the moment the cause of death of the person whose body was 12 months below the earth is unknown. Experts took the body to carry out the autopsy of the cadaver and determine whether a major investigation would take place.

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