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A dead baby and 3 injured people, the balance of the shock between a car and truck

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A dead baby and three injured people were the balance of a car crash Brazil. They took place in the community of Northern Minas, this morning the 5th of January at 5:00 am.

According to the authorities, the accident occurred in kilometer 259 of the MGC-122 motorway, located in the city of Francisco Sá.

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How did the accident happen in which a baby died?

Local media informed that the collision had come to a head when the driver of a Honda Civic car headed for the Montes Claros area and lost control of the vehicle.

This caused it to hit against a truck that was traveling in the carriage that was going to counter flow in this area. The chofer of the weighed unit was not damaged.

The authorities attend to the emergency in the place. PHOTO: X: ​​@itatiaia

The baby got into the car

Due to the impact, the youngest person got kicked out of the cart and was traveling approximately three meters away. Another child of three years was in the car, but was only injured.

The baby died on the asphalt carpet due to the injuries he experienced from the shock of the two units. It weighed on the paramedics who arrived at the place to try to save her life, and couldn’t do anything for them.

The area was cordoned off for security elements. PHOTO: Archive / Illustrative

Adults who travel with them end up caught

Due to the impact, the driver of the car, aged 29 years, and a woman aged 22 years who accompanied him were trapped inside this unit, so they were freed with the help of emergency staff.

All injured people were attended by paramedics and transported to a hospital located in Montes Claros. The man presented various fractures, while the woman was serious.

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