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A car cases if you go to the meter; SSC holds a conductor in Eje Central who caused the choque

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Two cars chocaron during the first hours of this Saturday, November 17, 2023; happened on Eje Central Avenue in the city of Mexico, and the recklessness one of the drivers may have chanced upon one tragedy to the occurrence within the limits of a concurrent entrance of the Collective Transport System Meter.

The impact involved a blue car, the same as it was impacted by the left for another gray car, where a man is presumed state of marriage it was here that he came behind the wheel, as it was detained by the agents of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana who presented themselves on the site.

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Continue on the street with the street Fernando Ramírezin the middle of the Metro Obrera, where they only blocked one of the carts, the one at the foot of the public transport, so there was a slight backlog of car traffic in the area. The security agents of the cars arrived at the location, as well as the Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (ERUM) to attend to the injured.

The authorities are waiting for the traffic drivers who will move the cars to the corresponding locations, due to which they daños to public welcomes, those involved will have to pay the costs that arise from the repair; in case of haber I drink alcoholand if verified by the authorities, it will be returned to the driver Juzgado Civico.

The driver will be aware of the traffic regulations arrested from 20 to 36 hours, you will be given 6 penalty points up driver’s licenseand the vehicle in which it is being transported must be lifted to the vehicular storageso you can pay it when the corresponding payment is due fineand other requirements or requirements.

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At the moment, the authorities of the Metro Collective Transport System have not yet realized that the shock and the accidents that caused the same, have affected the entry and entry of people into that station, so that it will remain open off the coast of the day in normal hours.

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