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A 2 year old baby reaches for his dad’s gun and takes a shot in his chest

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A menor, from so many years ago, was the place where I met her pistol of his father and accidentally turned it on. According to the Argentine authorities, the children took place in La Plata, in a living room located on calle 235 and 42. Apparently, the father of the family intended to shelter the children and kept to the police, ensuring that his baby had received one I shoot the fish by alleged thieves who entered the house with the intention of stealing.

According to the information, shared by the Argentine authorities, the event occurred on Sunday 3 December, when the father of the minor called to the police alerting the alleged presence of two thieves, those – according to the report – entered his house to robar and in the process hirieron a su hija.

The menor suffered a wound in the chest. Photo: freepik.

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Have you been with your baby for two years?

The baby was taken to the hospital, where the specialists confirmed that the baby was seriously injured. The doctors informed that the little girl presented complications “due to a superficial wound of the ball (compressed air)”. Please mention that, some days in the hospital, the baby I was a tall girl and found myself stable in my house.

However, the witnesses of the report and the analysis of the security cameras – which were analyzed by the Argentine authorities – allowed us to determine that the man’s report was not real and that it was an affair. When making the decision, the police spoke with the family father and confronted him about his history.

The father of the family was detained. Photo: Freepik.

What does the baby’s father say?

Upon feeling heartbroken, the suitor admitted that he had lied to the police and recognized that he had been the victim of an unfortunate accident. The man revealed that the child was in her house, when she came across a replica of a Bersa Thunder Pro 9 millimeter gun and before her fathers said what she liked about it – she can play with it pistol, which I didn’t keep safe. When handling the weapon, the baby disappeared without asking for it pechocausing a serious injury.

For this reason, the man was arrested and placed at the disposal of the authorities, who will be charged for the crime of “false reporting”. Furthermore, the police continued to fire the weapon with which the minor was fired, as well as on her carrier, which held 15 bullets intact.

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