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A 10-year-old girl dreams of being a gymnast who dies from amoeba like brains

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Stefanía was 10 years old soñaba with ser una gymnast of high performance that would allow her to be among the world’s elite to represent the sport of Colombia; without embargo, your latest holidays they will convert into one tragedy both for yourself and for your family to be invaded by bacteria amoebaas cerebros”.

Los integratives de la Villamar González family They planned that their holidays would bring them to the beach in the paradisiacal city of Santa Marta located on the Internet Caribbean sea inside the Magdalena department in northern Colombia. But as the travel progressed, Stefanía began to check herself for the reason she had to go to the doctor.

The amoeba “like brains” attacked Stefanía. Photo: Archive

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When the girl passes by the amoeba “like brains”

Stefanía Villamar took a sudden break pain en sus oídos joint with fibers y vomiting constantes. Upon seeing her mother’s health and her health, I took her to her mother for medical review and her ailments were diagnosed as a otitisan inflammation of the odor caused by an infection.

However, Stefanía is no better and even though the active girl who wanted to be a gymnast to achieve with a decade’s worth of spirit, even though the first symptoms have disappeared, her body has recovered and that’s enough débilA situation that became more complicated when she asked the lady to help her with household chores to help her bathe.

Stefanía tuvo cerebral death. Photo: Special

At the moment that Stefanía was convinced, they quickly began to fight convulsions who knew that she was transferred to a hospital where she remained hospitalized so that the doctors could calm her down, after 24 hours until she was declared with brain death.

What was the cause of the death of the Colombian girl?

So Stefanía remained for two days longer than her body could bear and finally died in the hospital, the cause of death was declared in the hospital due to meningitis, but the case began to become relevant due to the fact that she was admitted by the National Institute de Salud de Colombia.

A month later the medical specialists concluded that Stefanía died from encephalitis where the victim was found in the swimming pool of the hotel where they vacationed and where she submerged herself on various occasions and for a long time, so it was from where she became infected with the bacteria.

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