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5 year old Colombian girl walking to the train station in Querétaro

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En a dramatic recorded in the media of San Diego and Paseo 5 de Febrero in the colony La Piedad in the capital of Querétaro, a girl Colombian in just five years the result was serious herida at the train station in motion. The accident resulted in the total amputation of the lower extremity of the lower leg and a partial amputation at the lower extremity.

The emergency was reported by the staff on Paseo 5 in February, who reported it to the staff of the Policía Estatal to request immediate medical assistance and ambulance. The quick action of the little girl’s father, who took her on her arms and ran to Paseo 5 de Febrero Avenue in search of help, was crucial.

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The accident caused the circulation
PHOTO: Special

The train conductor was accidentally omitted

The wrapped train continued on the route to the state of the country Guanajuato, while the father and the little girl try to receive medical attention. Both the little girl and her fathers are Colombian citizens.

The transfer to the Hospital de Specialidades del Niño y la Mujer took place with success thanks to the intervention of paramedics of the Centro Regulador de Urgencias Médicas (CRUM), with the support of Civil, State and Municipal Protection.

The little girl enters by receiving specialized medical attention at the Hospital de Specialidades del Niño y La Mujer in the south of the capital of Querétaro where it is reported in serious quality.


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