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48 year old police officer has raped dozens of women

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48 year old police officer has raped dozens of women.

The dark exploits prevailing in the Metropolitan Police of London are not taking the name of stopping. The new case pertains to a police officer who has robbed dozens of women of their dignity in the last nearly two decades and is now facing trial.

My name is David Carrick. Age is 48 years. The job was to ensure Parliament and diplomatic security in London. But, according to prosecutors and the police department, David Carrick engaged in more than 70 serious offenses of sexual misconduct, 49 of which he has already confessed to. His case was to be heard again in the middle of January. This time he also confessed to several cases of assault and rape of women.

The history of David Carrick’s criminal exploits began in 2003 and continued uninterrupted for 17 years. He was arrested in October 2021. Prosecutors say this is one of the biggest and most important cases of its kind ever. Serious crimes involving mental and sexual abuse of women for the gratification of their ‘lust’ had become ‘like a continuous campaign’ for him.

Took advantage of his position in the police service

According to prosecutors, Carrick had close ties to some of his victims. To ensnare them, he first isolates them from their friends and families. The women he targeted were socially similar to him but did not know them very well. He used to take advantage of his position in the police service to trap them and gain their trust.

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British media say that David Carrick used to make these women his ‘maids’ by asking them to change their routine in such a way that they always obey him and remain in his fist. For example, used to tell them what to wear and what to eat and drink and when not to. One woman told that she was once locked in a cupboard the size of a dog cage.

This scam was going on since 2003

The strangest thing is that this scam of David Carrick was going on since 2003. But, no one ever came to know about him and no woman complained anywhere. His arrest was made in October 2021 because a woman in Hertfordshire County told the police there that David Carrick had raped her. That woman also did not want to take the matter forward and make any allegation through FIR.

The police, on their part, arrested Carrick on the basis of this cognizance. After news of his arrest spread, 12 more women came forward with whom he had sexually assaulted. After his exploits came to light, Carrick admitted 24 counts of rape, 9 counts of sexual assault, and some of his past false statements.

Police department became a subject of ridicule

The arrest of David Carrick came at a time when the British public’s faith in law and order in the country was going towards an abyss. A series of high-profile cases of serious crime fueled public anger towards London’s Metropolitan Police, known as ‘Scotland Yard’. The police department had become a subject of ridicule.

Just 6 months earlier, in March 2021, Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, was murdered after being raped by another London police officer. People were still not able to forget the gruesome story of this massacre that a new incident bigger than this was threatening to blacken the face of the police of London. London police apologized to the victims of Carrick’s exploits. Carrick as “a blatant serial sex offender” who abused his position to subdue women.

Statement from the Commissioner of Police of London

“We have let women and girls down and let Londoners down,” London Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said in a statement. He believed that by making David Carrick an officer, the police department has shown its failure. In his words, “we have not shown the same spirit of determination in defending our sense of duty that we routinely employ in confronting criminals.”

Learning from Carrick’s exploits, London’s Metropolitan Police set up a special investigation team. He has been asked to re-review all such cases of the last 10 years in which allegations of sexual misconduct etc. have been leveled against currently serving police officers and employees. The probe team will have to re-investigate 1,633 cases of complaints against more than a thousand personnel. These cases range from verbal spats to serious sexual offences.

Police department negligence

Following his arrest in 2021, files relating to David Carrick contained a number of complaints of harassment and assault before and after he entered the police service, but did not lead to a prosecution. Carrick’s tenure would have been extended in 2021 as well, if the Hertfordshire County woman had not spoken up and 12 other women had not shown the courage to come forward and tell their ordeal soon after that woman.

Indian-origin Jaswant Narwal and his associate Shilpa Shah are the senior prosecutors in the entire episode. During the court hearing, Shilpa Shah lauded the “tremendous courage” of the women complainants, saying that it was the testimony of these women who were victims of Carrick’s misconduct that ultimately provided crucial evidence for the trial. In other words, had these women not come forward, David Carrick would still be an officer in London’s Metropolitan Police, continuing to rape and molest British women.

There are also some serious questions

events such as the David Carrick episode and, in March 2021, the murder of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, after she was raped by another London police officer, also raise some serious questions. One is that if this, or something similar, had happened in India, the Indian media would have raised it unequally. He would have been attacking the central government more than any state government. Copying the Indian media, the entire western media, including Britain, would have been shouting that India is such a great anti-feminist, patriarchal and rapist country, which has become proud of being the world’s largest democracy.

At the time of the 2012 “Nirbhaya incident” in Delhi, a leading British newspaper declared Hinduism as “rotten-throat” and declared it to be the root cause of rapes in India. Since then, the western media has been publishing incidents of rape in India with a lot of chatter. But, when brutal cases of femicide and rape happen in the West, even the English media of India closes its eyes, ears and nose.

Hollow claim of women’s equality

The second big question that arises is that in Britain, which is called the world’s oldest democracy, which boasts of women’s equality with great pride, how is it possible that a police officer 17 Rapes at least two dozen women for years, but no woman armed with the rights of women-equality can even dare to complain and make noise! Where the police have become criminals and rapists, what will be the condition of the character of the common man there? Some figures even say that Britain is currently at number one in the world in terms of number of rapes per one lakh population.

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