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40 hour work day: where will FECHA apply in Mexico?

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After months of discussions, points in favor and postures against, finally the Chamber of Deputies He made sure that before the end it was concluded in actuality ordinary periodthey and the legislators ponder over the table the reform that reduces it working day of the Mexicans, a situation that can be considered a great advance in the matter of the rights of the Mexicans and the workers. But, starting from when would it be effective? We count you.

But beforehand, it is important to record that the ordinary period of the Chamber of Deputies It will end next December 15, 2023. As long as this is the case, legislators will be able to make decisions on issues of public interest such as the labor reform.

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Where will the reform apply to the working day in Mexico?

It was always the case that the reform was approved by the plenary chamber of the House of Representatives and passed to the Senators. Credit: Pexels/archive.

Although there will still be many artists in the discussion, a point in favor is that Jorge Romeropresident of the Political Coordination Council (Jucopo) of the Chamber of Deputies, assured in the press conference, that there is an intention on part of all the banks that this labor reform is voted for.

Looking back, the time that this reform will begin to apply (in case it is unsafe) is a incoginta. De hecho, Jorge Romero It is important to note that the legal modification is expected to be discussed there San Lázaro this period, which is about to be a constitutional reform this year “is practically impossible”.

How will the working days of Mexicans change?

It is important to record that the idea of ​​this reforma a la Constitution of Mexico es que las workdays Weekdays for Mexicans and Mexicans go from 48 to 40 hours. Similarity is expected to take two days of descanso for each five working days.

It is expected that two days of rest be held for each five working days. Credits: Pexels/archive.

However, please consider that you have to agree with the deputy Jorge Romero, What legislators and legislators expect is to pay attention to both workers and micro-businesses. Answering this question, one of the possible alternatives that officials are planning is to combine transitional items with the aim of ensuring that the reduction of the working day is achieved in a progressive manner.

“Have a consensus to save her, simply looking after all the political forces, asking her to help the worker with all our strength, but looking after the micro-business”, advised Jorge Romero.

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