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4 deaths, the balance of the shock of a car in the opposite direction and a truck

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Four people died after the car while traveling was hit by another vehicle on the B1 road, within 40 kilometers of the Otjiwaron community located in the Republic of Namibia.

Both vehicles ended in total loss, due to the force of the collision compacting the units and in one of them the victims of this traffic accident.

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Truck driver on the opposite path choking in front of the car where there is a family, after 5 deaths

The authorities investigate the case. PHOTO: Illustrative.

A car on the wrong side of the road has suffered an accident

According to the first reports, the accident occurred due to the fact that a driver of a sedan had to accost a truck that was traveling on the highway.

The speed of the movement prevented any of the two drivers from being able to carry out any action to avoid the shock, so they ended up colliding on the road.

This is the route that the wrongdoers follow

The corpses were captured

As soon as the truck ended completely compacted, the emergency crews had to cut off the foil of the car, in order to be able to save the bodies of the victims.

Although he attempted to carry out resuscitation maneuvers, there was nothing that could be done by the culprits, who were declared dead in the place.

Comenzaron the investigations

If it is necessary to know the number of fatal victims, it has not been explained who are the people who lost their lives, nor the status of the drivers.

Local authorities began investigations to determine the conditions in which this happened in order to be able to absolve responsibility.

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