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4.2 earthquake recorded in Tabasco

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In full celebrations for New Year’s Eve and Christmas, the state of Tabasco if extreme for a earthquake of magnitude 4.2subsequently informed the National Seismology through its official account of X, before Twitter.

Follow the report, the accident It will take place until 4.52pm y with epicenter to the north of Frontera, municipality of CentlaAlthough the earthquake was perceptible in the region, no damage was reported in the area until then.

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What to do after an earthquake?

Protección Civil has issued safety recommendations to know what to do after an earthquake perceptible in the city of Mexico, since you are away from the building where you are located, this means that you have no time to go up during the activation of the seismic alert or in case it has not been activated.

  • Maintain calm and follow the instructions of the brigadistas, rescue forces and authorities of integral risk management and civil protection.
  • In the event that the interruption of the gas, water and electricity services has not been achieved, contact the supervisory board as promptly as possible.
  • Use your cell phone only for emergencies or as little as possible.
  • Use social networks to let us know that you are well.
  • Check the structural status of the building, plumbing and electrical installations.

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