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30 people died recently

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Russia I scattered this plane of more than 150 missiles and drones against various cities of Ukraine and caused at least 30 dead and more than 160 heridosin one of the most important air attacks in a long time.

Polanda country that forms part of the OTAN, reported that a Russian missile entered and ascended from its airspace en route to Ukrainian territory, and summoned the security forces Moscowthe highest diplomatic representative of the country Warsawto ask for explanations.

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Russia launches a deadly attack against Ukrainian territory

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“We haven’t seen so much red in our pants for a long time,” he acknowledged. Yuri Ignatspokesperson of the Air Force Ukrainian, who confirmed that it was the most massive missile attack with the exception of those that were produced on the first days of the start of the Russian invasion, February 24, 2022.

Following the latest balance of victims, communicated by the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, Igor KlymenkoAt least 30 people died and more than 160 people were killed.

Ukraine affects the Russian city of Belgorod

The night of Viernes, Ukrainian forces attacked the city facing Russia of Belgorod, where a man died and four people were injured in a residential building, informed the regional governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov.

The attack damages the water supply system. El Ministerio ruso de Defense ensured that its anti-aircraft systems would be destroyed in 13 missiles. Subsequently, the ministry indicated that 32 drones were intercepted and destroyed in the front regions of Bryansk y Kurskas in the regions of Oryol y Moscow.

The attacks of both bands have affected numerous towns. Photo: AFP

Next el State Mayor Ukrainian, Russia There are 160 artifacts available, including cruise missiles and Shahed drones. The anti-aircraft defense intercepted 88 missiles and 27 drones.

“Russia used all types of weapons”, assured the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskiyin the red social X.

Some of the Russian weapons hit Ukrainian citizens. Photo: AFP

The Ministry of Defense limited itself to communicating that they had achieved all their objectives and indicated that they would launch a bombardment between 23 and 29 December against military infrastructures, municipal depots and bases of Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries.

Ukraine is the apoyo of the United States and the United Kingdom

El Single Kingdom announced that it will send 200 anti-aircraft missiles to the former Soviet Republic to strengthen its defense capacity. United States He also announced the withdrawal of 250 million dollars in military aid for Ukraine, the last relief package available to the government until approval by Congress.

Numerous buildings were affected in recent bombings. Photo: AFP

The president of the United States, Joe Bidenhe demanded that the members of Congress overcome divisions and act without delay to approve the delivery of aid.

“We have done everything we can to strengthen our air shield, but the world must see that we need more help and means to contain this terror,” he stated Andrii Yermakhead of the Ukrainian presidential administration, on Telegram.

President Zelenskiy recently visited a city in the front of the battle. Photo: AFP

Zelenski I visit Avdivka, a city on the Eastern Front that has suffered repeated assaults from the Russian forces for the past few months. This is “one of the most difficult areas on the front line,” he said.

With information from AFP

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