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3 places with the most delicious shepherd’s tacos ever at CDMX | MAP

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Available on each side, los tacos de pastor they have become one of the essential things for you and me chilangos. And it is that from time to time to the tortilla, they have conquered the heart of a large part of the population not only through tasteup low cost. Therefore, on this occasion we share you three unmissable places If you want to come here City of Mexico (CDMX).

But before that, let’s mention that it weighs what we can now find in the diary, tacos al pastor I’m not a 100% Mexican platillo. On the contrary, if it is a food that has Arab influence, the king of the 19th century brought Lebanese people to the country who took advice on how to prepare meat.

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1. Tacos “El Vilsito”

It is also a mechanical taller. Credits: Instagram/El Vilsito.

Popular between las and chilangos, TacosEl Vilsito“It’s one taqueria recognized not only for the flavor of its tacos, but because the site also works like a mechanical taller during the day. I keep track of it in my diary El Paísthe idea arose from the year 1987 when, due to him, the señor Juan Carlos Blancothe decision to open a door was made restaurante for the customers of above taller They can do something while they wait for their cars.

So, with more than 30 years of history, “El Vilsito“He has a great reputation for his specialty: el pastor. Located between Petén 248 and Av. Universidad in the Narvarte Poniente colony, in this shop you can find tacos, gringas and cakes that have been uploaded to Netflix.

2. Taquerías “El Huequito”

It was created in 1959. Credits: El Huequito.

Other places with more years of experience there City of Mexico yes de tacos se trata, es “El Huequito“. According to their official page, they defined themselves as the innovators of the “gourmet taco al pastor” since the moment of their creation in the year 1959.

Although it currently contains various news stories from the capital of the country, the history of “El Huequito” I started with the small shop tacos al pastor of the seniors Guillermo Buendia and Amelia González in the Historic Center. However, its fame and flavor were gradually expanding.

3. Taquería “La Pingüica”

It is one of the most recognized taquerías of Miguel Hidalgo. Credits: La Ruta de la Garnacha.

Finally,”La Pingüica“It has been rated as one of the best taquerías de alcalía Miguel Hidalgo. Located in Calzada Mexico-Tacuba in the Agriculture colony, it has been converted into one of the most traditional places for business tacos al pastor y de suadero.

This is Lalo Villar, the content creator of the YouTube channel “La Ruta de la Garnacha“, shared that in this place only specializes in these two flavors, even those who have them enough to gain popularity in the area and its elders.

Map of the best places to get al pastor tacos in CDMX

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