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27 years of prison as leader of “La Mano con Eyes”

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For a murder comet in 2011, Marco Antonio “N”leader of the criminal organization known as “The Hand with Eyes”, he was sentenced to 27 years of prison, convicted by the Fiscalía General de Justice of the City of Mexico.

Through a message offered in social circles, Ulises Laravoice of the dependency, signaled that this new sentence absolves one’s responsibility in the asesinato of a person, which occurred in 2011.

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“The condemnatory sentence of more than 27 years of imprisonment against Marco Antonio ‘N’, alias ‘The Commander‘, derives from his participation in the attack with shots of firearms that deprived the life of a man in a restaurant located in the Boulevard Manuel Avila CamachoColonia Los Morales de la entonces delegación Miguel Hidalgo.

“According to the investigations, on September 21, 2011, the complainant and a companion arrived at the restaurant. ‘The Commander’, together with various people, some of them seeing their uniforms Federal Police and carrying large-caliber fire weapons, they arrived at the entrance to the building,” the officer detailed.

Follow the report Tax, the victim was forced by the criminals, who were shot on numerous occasions against her. The perpetrator of the crime, Marco Antonio ‘N’ and his accomplices took part in the entire crime scene.

One year later, “The Commander“He was captured on the streets of the Villa Olímpica colony as part of investigations for various murders, including some in whom torture was carried out.

Sucesor of “El Compayito”

The investigations carried out by the dependency demonstrated that, including the capture of Oscar Oswaldo “N”, alias “El Compayito”, Marco Antonio “N” assumed control of the criminal organization “The Hand with Eyes”, who was responsible for numerous crimes committed in the city of Mexico and the metropolitan area.

“Ahead of the sentence that must be fulfilled in it Varonil Oriente PrisonMarco Antonio ‘N’ will tend to pay the reparation of damage and funeral gasts in favor of an indirect victim”, reported the Tax Office.

This sentence is added to other prison sentences that have been given to you Marco Antonio “N”things that must be purged in the capital’s prison.

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