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11 year old child dies and has been injured by pyrotechnic explosion in Durango

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In the middle of the celebrations to give her a warm welcome for the year 2024less than 11 years old, I lost my life, where I had to suffer severe pain quemaduras while you met taking pyrotechnics together with two of your friends in the town of “El Troncón” located in the municipality of Mezquital, Durango.

They will be seen at 11.40pm last Sunday 31st December when the teenagers will meet playing with pyrotechnics in the back of a truck. However, according to the report from the local media, one of them took some of the artifacts and ended up exploring them.

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Two minors found themselves due to the explosion in Durango

Francisco went without vital signs to the hospital and the others with severe quemaduras. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

After the explosion occurred, the fathers of the youngest who lost his life took him to a hospital in search of the region. However, due to the injuries caused by him, the child who was identified with the name of Francisco Misael did not have any vital signs.

I’m very happy with the local media report El Siglo de Durango, the other two younger adults who are playing with pyrotechnics are called Elías and Arturo. Both were taken to the Mother and Child Hospital located in the city of Durangodue to what they presented quemaduras in a large part of his body.

Authorities are investigating the pyrotechnic explosion in Durango

The authorities will carry out the necessary investigations. Credits: Pexels/archive.

After the night of December 31st the accident will occur with pyrotechnics, they have experts of Forensic Medicine and the Agent of the Ministerio Público who carry out investigations for the crime. In this sense, it will come true necropsy corresponding to the body of the young man who lost his life.

Regrettably, I watched it Durango It’s not the only one I bought pyrotechnics which was recorded during the New Year celebrations. Just to provide an example, the Secretaría de Protección Civil of the State of Veracruz informed that in that entity less than five accidents related to explosives.

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