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10 Personal Finance Books

10 Personal Finance Books

The most important thing to get rich is the money mindset, if you understand this then no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire.

To maintain the money mindset, many types of books have been written, after reading which you get to know money management and all the things related to it and many people have taken their life to a good level with the help of these books. Is.

So basically in this blog you will be told about the top 10 personal finance books which you must have if you want to change your life.

to become rich or earn money (Before Money Earning) we must know that-

1- How can I earn money? (How to Earn Money)

2- What are the ways to earn money? (Ways to Earn Money)

3- What are Money Earning Principles

4- Where should the money be invested? (Where to Invest Money) and

5- How to make money mindset? (How to Make Money Mindset)

If you get answers to all these questions then you can easily earn a lot of money and make yourself rich.

But the biggest problem that comes before us is that who will give us the answer to all these questions?

If there are people around you who have almost the same mindset or position as you, then you will not get answers to these questions from them. Those people will know almost as much as you know.

To know the answers to these questions, you have to go to the people who are already rich and have a huge wealth.

You can go to such rich and successful people and learn from them how to earn money, how to invest them.

But here comes another big question that why these rich and successful people will meet you?

Will they have that much free time? Or would they be interested in meeting you?

Rich and successful people belong to Business Mindset, so what will be the benefit of meeting you?

All these things show that those people can hardly meet you personally.

It is not that they do not want to meet common people but their mindset is to convert their time into money, so they are not able to meet common people.

What should be done now that we can all learn from these rich and successful people? The same successful people have given us the answer.

They have many solutions to this problem but one best and cheapest solution is- Personal Finance Books

Yes! The books written by these rich and successful people can answer all the questions we need.

Rich people’s entire lives are summed up in their books. As much as they teach us through books, they will not be able to teach together.

Now you have come to know why personal finance books should be read-

1- If you want to fulfill your dreams, you have to read books.

2- If you want to know how to earn money then you have to read books.

3- If you want to learn the principles of becoming rich, you have to read books.

4- If you want to keep the mindset of wealth, then you have to read books.

5- If you want to learn to invest your money in the right place, then you have to read books.

Now the question is which books to read? Here I can help you.

Today I will tell you some books related to personal finance (Best Personal Finance Books In Hindi) by reading which you can easily learn the principles and methods of becoming rich-

10 best books on personal finance

I have written all these Personal Finance Books of all time after doing a lot of research. All the books contain the knowledge which will give you the mindset to become rich and will tell every method which the authors of these books adopted in their life and become rich-

Rich Dad Poor Dad / Rich Dad Poor Dad – Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has written this Best Selling Book based on his life. Robert Kiyosaki states that he had two fathers.

One is his own father (Poor Dad) and one is his friend’s father (Rich Dad). He had learned financial knowledge from both.

rich dad poor dad hindi personal finance books

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His poor dad used to say go to school, study and get a good job whereas rich dad used to say get financial knowledge and apply it in life and become rich.

The best money principles have been told in this book which will be of great use to you. My advice is to read this Best Selling Personal Finance Book of all time.

The Richest Man in Babylon / Babylon Ka Sabse Amir Aadmi – Author: George S. Clason

This is a great book written about money (Best Personal Finance Book). This book describes the thinking and rules about money of the people of the time of Babylonian civilization.

the richest man in babylon hindi

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Rules for saving money The rules for investing it later, keep your principal (Principal amount) The rules of keeping safe, etc. Some such good and simple principles of money have been told in this book which are first necessary for financial freedom.

You must read this book (Best Book to Read for beginners) because this book will serve as the foundation for you to become rich.

Think and Grow Rich / Sochiye Aur Amir Baniye – Author: Napoleon Hill

This is the best book to read on Money Mindset. Napoleon Hill has written this book after working tirelessly for 22 years and interviewing more than 500 rich people.

He has given 13 important rules or principles to become rich, by adopting which one can become rich or successful.

think and grow rich hindi

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In this book it has been told that how a person can convert his thoughts or desires into results.

This book is the key to success from which the door of any opportunity or desire can be opened.

If you want to become successful or rich by using the power of your subconscious mind properly then you must read this book.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind / Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Author: T. Harv Eker

Harv Acker is a Best Seller Writer. He has told about the blueprint of money in this book.

17 Wealth Files are given in this book which will change your mindset about money and you will be on your way to wealth.

secrets of the millionaire mind hindi

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This book explains the mindset of the rich and the poor and explains why the rich are rich and why the poor remain poor.

Most of the people have poor mindset because they are taught so from childhood. If you want to become the owner of Rich Mindset then definitely read this book.

Money Master the Game / Money Master the Game – Author: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has given 7 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom in this Best Selling Book.

money master the game hindi personal finance books

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He has prepared this book by interviewing the best financial experts in the world. Tony Robbins has explained the steps to financial freedom very well in this book which will be easily understood by any person.

My advice to you is that if you want to live a happy life by achieving financial independence, then you must read this book (Money Books in Hindi). (This book is available in English only.)

Paise Se Paisa Kamana Sikhen / Money Wise – Author: Sharath Kamarraju

This book written by Sharad Komararaju is the Hindi translation of his book Money Wise. In this book Sharad Komararaju has told about different forms of money.

paise se paisa kamana sikhen hindi personal finance books

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He has told the history of money in a very interesting way. Also, he has told about where money investment can be done.

Information about Real Estate, Gold, Bonds, Stock Market is given in very nice and simple language.

If you want to invest and want some traditional knowledge about money then this great book (Best Books to Read for beginners) is of great use to you.

The Rules of Wealth / Daulat Ke Niyam – Author: Richard Templar

Richard Templar is an international bestselling author. He has told 100 rules of money in this book which has been explained in very simple language.

How can you create a Money Mindset? How can you earn money?

the rules of wealth in hindi personal finance books

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How Can You Get Too Much Money? How can you manage your money?

How can you stay rich? If you want answers to all these questions, you will find them in this book.

All the 100 Laws of Wealth are written in the form of small chapters which are not boring to read.

I recommend this great book (money books in hindi) You must read it.

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing / Rich Dad: Guide to Investing Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

In this book called Guide to Investing, Robert Kiyosaki explains where do rich people invest? A place where poor people do not even think of investing.

rich dad guide to investing in hindi

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In this book you will get all kinds of good information related to investment. You will know what are the types of investors and what type of investor you should be.

If you read this Personal Finance Books in Hindi, then you will get everything clear about investment which is necessary for you to become rich.

Retire Young Retire Rich / Retire Young Retire Rich Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is also the best book written by Robert Kiyosaki. In Retire Young Retire Rich, Kiyosaki tells about his life, how he retired while young i.e. how he achieved financial freedom at a young age.

retire young retire rich hindi

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In this book, he has told about the power of leverage, how you can use leverage in your life to gain immense wealth.

How to use the leverage of your mind, your actions, your plans to become rich.

If you want to get rich fast then this personal finance related book (personal finance books of all time) Do read it.

Cashflow Quadrant / Cashflow Quadrant Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Cashflow Quadrant is one such book which can be called the Key to Financial Freedom.

All the people who earn money in the world, Robert Kiyosaki has divided them into four parts i.e. Four Quadrants.cashflow quadrant) divided into.

cashflow quadrant hindi personal finance books 10 Personal Finance Books

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He says that every person in the world earns money by living in one or more of these four quadrants.

These four quadrants are- E (Employee), S (Self Employed), B (Business Owner), I (Investor)

Which quadrant should you live in so that you can become rich? What should you do for this?

He has also told this very well. To become rich you must read this Personal Finance Books in Hindi.



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